ENERGY efficiency

ALDAGOENERGY_MODIFICAT_OKA In Aldago we have a department for energy efficiency, charged with finding consumption and saving solutions for any type of installation and building. This department carries out research and implements projects that significantly improve the energy class of an installation.

How can we help make your system more efficient?



By monitoring your installation we are able to know the consumption in real-time and have the possibility to manage this consumption efficiently. Monitoring energy consumption has allowed cities around the world to transform into ‘Smarts Cities’.

Within this department ofAldago Energy our engineers carry out exhaustive studies into any type of installation from which a tailor made monitoring adapted to the needs of our customers is created.

Solar energy

Here at Aldago Energy we believe in solar energy, and for this reason, we work as hard as possible in order to extract maximum performance, creating ACS and photovoltaic solar panel systems.

Capacitor batteries

One of the energy issues of installations with high electricity consumption or with specific characteristics is the financial penalties imposed by the electricity providers.

To avoid this unnecessary expense we work towards:

  • Designing and installing a capacitor battery system.
  • Providing a reduction in reactive energy consumption.
  • As a result, producing a reduction of electricity bills.


Improvements in air-conditioning systems

The air-conditioning of a place is one of installations that has most energy impact, because consumption is high. We have adevoted team to perform analysis in order to detect problems in consumption and to optimise the use of climate control systems.
In addition, we carry out all kinds of installations that improve your comfort.

Lighting system studies

In Aldago Energy we have a technical team responsible for lighting system studies that improves the efficiency of the installation as well as lighting design.

  • We perform computer simulations.
  • We carry out projects with the latest lighting technologies such as LED technology.

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