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Aldago is a service company specialising in the sectors ofinstallations, energy efficiency, public works and irrigation systems.
It was established in 1998 as a family business but withwell-defined objectives and the intention to establish a foothold in the sector it represents.
Currently Aldago enjoys a good position in the sector, with the recognition of all its customers.

Throughout its business history, Aldago has offered its services to various organisations both private and public, running different types of projects within the sectors where it is a specialist in guaranteeing the desired quality.
Aldago is well-known for offering quality service with constant improvement in all departments, direct contact with the customer and a desire to meet new challenges. The success achieved is the result of the drive of its team and the experience gained over the years of service.

Aldago has the necessary infrastructure to deliver the service that characterises it and a young team spread around different departments:

  • Technical Department, made up of architects, engineers and surveyors.
  • Production Department, led by specialised technicians.
  • Research Department, made up of architects, engineers and administrative technicians.

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